`MMMy                 NMMM                 -MMMs  
  `MMMy  /hhhhhhhhhhh`  NMMM   hhhhhhhhhhhs  -MMMs  
  `MMMy  /hhhhhhhhhhh`  NMMM   hhhhhhhhhhhs  -MMMs  
  `mmms                 NMMM                 -mmmo  
        /ssssssssssss`  NMMM   sssssssssssss.       
             :NMMMo`            `+hMMMNy:`          
            +NMMm:             ````-sNMMMmo.        
     ---............`````````````         `+mds:    
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# About me
  Software Developer, Reverse Engineer, Cryptography, Rizin core developer, PowerPC Cell BE lover

# Reach me
  deroad at kumo.xn--q9jyb4c (gpg key)

# Last posts [ list posts here ]
  2021-05-21 | A small update about rizin,
  2020-09-24 | Naxsi 1.1 and 1.1a security update,
  2020-03-02 | fufluns - Mobile App Inspector,
  2020-01-06 | libmc7 - Library to disassemble MC7 bytecode,

# Projects
  fufluns - easy to use apk/ipa mobile app inspector,
  libmc7 - simatic S7-300/S7-400 disassembler,
  r2dec/jsdec - decompiler for radare2 and rizin,
  twitch-streamer-linux - script dedicated to stream to twitch.tv,
  plugin.video.southpark_unofficial - addon for xbmc/kodi to watch the south park show,
  libvle - powerpc vle disassembler library,
  wsh-framework - windows host script framework,
  open-rtc - webrtc audio/video call and conferencing server (fork from the dead spreed-webrtc repository),
  lxde-cryfs - lxpanel plugin to support cryfs,
  norsx - norsx is a 2d library for psl1ght (playstation3 opensource sdk),
  libmove - a simple playstation move library for psl1ght (playstation3 opensource sdk),
  more here...